DOWNLOAD The Maze Runner (2014) 720p BluRay YIFY 800MB mp4

DOWNLOAD The Maze Runner (2014) 720p BluRay YIFY 800MB mp4

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Movie Overview:-

A male teenager wakes up without a memory of his identity in a subway lift up. A group of young men welcomes a large green area called “Glade” surrounded by tall stone walls. The boys (“Glades”) have the basic assumption, which each have specific tasks. Your leader, Alby said that each child eventually remembers his name, but not his last. The child learns that a great labyrinth that surrounds them can be the only way out. Throughout the day in the labyrinth of runners designated an escape route, looking back before dark at night when the entrance is closed. No one has ever survived a night in the labyrinth.

While in a contest with another boy named Gally, the boy suddenly recalls the name of Thomas. The next day, Ben is attacked by a corridor of delirium bitten by a Griever – techno-bio-lethal creatures that run the night labyrinth. Ben is forced into the labyrinth and left to dying because it is no cure for your condition. Alby and Minho, the main course, traced back later, Ben traces inside the labyrinth. Minho slip appears again at sunset Alby Sun, which is moved but can not reach the closing entry time. Thomas leads the labyrinth to help so that the three caught. At a subsequent meeting with Griever, Thomas pulls in a closed lane, crushing to death. The trio could survive the night and return the next morning to clear.

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