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Aaja Nachle (2007) Full Free Movie Download

Aaja Nachle (2007) Full Free Movie Download

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Movie Overview:-

Dia (Madhuri Dixit) is a choreographer who lives with her daughter Radha in New York. One day he gets the news that his former guru of the dance, Makarand dies. She returns to her hometown Shamli with Radha called to find that he is dead and has left the responsibility for the salvation of the Ajanta dance, abandoned left to make room for a shopping mall theater.

Shamli has changed since the day to the left. His parents left the city in shame after being burned with an American photographer and his house is now owned by Mr. strict Chojar and his wife. His childhood friend Najma Farooque is married to a successful businessman. They greet Dia coldly. The Allies, who remains his old friend, Dr. Saab. To save Ajanta, ask Dia the local MP Raja Udai Singh. It is a challenge; If they can put on a successful run, only Shamli people with Cancel demolition.

Day dancing at night in Ajanta and then calls the people Laila-Majnu to help a performance. Next to her, they left the stage one after the other, but Raja was left with his mockery. Refusing to accept the defeat, Dia will come the next day to find talent. When you return to the theater, he finds a group of bats, all burned after being ordered by a candidate in the local elections, Chaudhary Om Singh. Instead of being furious, she is fascinated, leader Imran and made an agreement with Chaudhary that will help you win the next election when it supports Imran playing Ajanta and when Majnu. He agreed and Imran is forced to take over the role. In the city, girls learn this and go to the theater for the part of Laila. Anokhi Among them is a man who is in love with Imran. She asks him to think of Dia, who, because of his harsh appearance and the lack of talent reluctantly, but finally agreed to make his love for Imran ideal Laila. Other parts of the book are directed to Chojar, who wants to prove his wife that is not boring, Chaudhary, who plays the father of Laila and ex-boyfriend Dia, Mohan, who is able to overcome his bitterness on them.

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