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Movie Overview:-

Rohan Khanna is a graduate unemployed who lives with his grandfather (Alok Nath) and his mother (Moushumi Terje). Rohan has been tirelessly looking for a decent job without success. One day, Ranjit, near Rohan, arrived. Lives in America, a model, a perfect life and is married to an American woman. Ranjit wants their parents in America to keep to live in peace. Rohan wished for a job after the hearing, it suggests that Rohan must also move to America. Rohan was immediately convinced by the success of Ranjit. He told his mother and grandfather of his wish and strongly reminds the father of the deceased Rohan, Balraj Khanna (Rajesh Khanna), who left his wife and son with his father after a fierce dispute in America. But before leaving for America, Balraj died in a bus accident leaving orphan and widow mother Rohan. To avoid the same fate for Rohan as his father, grandfather is preparing Rohan Rohan visa for the United States.

Rohan comes to America and immediately meets Sardar Khan, a Pakistani who drives a taxi. Good manners and friendly personality Rohan Rohan defeated Sardar Ranjit drive the motel. Rohan was no money to pay Sardar, so he asked to wait, while Sardar Ranjit asked to pay the taxi. He is surprised when Ranjit does not pay your fee or give you a place to stay, saying that Rohan should help. Rohan also discovers that Ranjit’s parents work in the motel and facial abuse by his wife. Sardar Rohan offers a place to stay horror of his roommates, Iqbal Singh (Jaspal Bhatti), an Indian Punjabi man. A Rohan may be associated with Iqbal and Sardar’s conviction Chaurasia (Satish Kaushik) Chaurasia operates a restaurant and a shop Indian Betelblatt Rohan is given a job as a taxidermy to spend a day collecting a young Indian girl named Pooja (Aishwarya Rai) at the airport, only coming to America To live with his elder brother and his wife, and to his surprise, his brother only because his boss had seen and fallen in love with her. She must marry his rage jefe.A she left her house without money and nowhere Pooja is.Rohan goes to cry and offers a place to stay with Iqbal and Sardar.

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